Make a paper hat

Remove the label from the water bottle. To make the body of the snowman fill another paper bag almost to the top, and then fold down the top edges over each other and tape them down. We wanted our Mad Hatter hat to be larger at the top than the brim.

To make the body of the snowman fill another paper bag almost to the top, and then fold down the top edges over each other and tape them down. I'd been saving this sheet of neon orange card stock for over seven years, and I finally found its purpose.

Fold the bottom edge up so that it meets the bottom of the folded corners. Whatever you do, have fun. This stuff is going to show, so you want to think about that when choosing color.

This method takes a few hours to dry: Roll the crown piece into a cylinder that fits comfortably around your head. Fold the two upper edges back on the existing crease lines. My Hat Activity - Make paper hats from newspaper or newsprint paper and have your children decorate theirs hats to fit their personalities.

It makes a cute doll-sized hat. Form the string into an oval on your scrap paper and trace. Depending on how large your head is, or how tall you want the crown of your hat to be, you may not be able to fit the second brim on the single piece of poster board.

Trace around the outside and then cut out the circle. But if the brim is so loose that it is falling over your ears, you can adjust it on the next step. When you have a shape you like, screw the lid back on the bottle. Use real sticks or pipe cleaners for the arms. It needed some work, but no one has ever suspected that it started out as something else.

How to Make a Paper Sailor Hat

Hold the bottom of the bottle with one hand and grasp the bottle about two inches up from the bottom with the other hand. When carefully folded they form a surprisingly smooth dome. Separate the two template pieces. Make the band shorter and longer to fit different head sizes.

This keep your snowman from falling over.

21 Amazing Easter Crafts for Kids

Cut out the patterns and tape them together matching up the straight line at the edge of each pattern to make one large pattern. Paint the bag black or any color you would like.

Cut out the top template, including the two long bands. You might prefer a hat like this. No two look alike. Ours was too large: Turn the model over and repeat on the other side. Cut away the area outside the larger oval and the area inside the smaller oval.

Place the pattern on a piece of craft foam, trace around the pattern, and then cut it out. If the brim of your hat seemed too loose in the previous step, draw the inside oval a little smaller as you draw onto the poster board.

Cut a carrot nose from orange craft foam. You can also make a melted snowman by pushing down on the top of the bottle to make it flatter.

What you will need: You can also use a blank hat shape and have your children write more facts, vocabulary words, or a short summary of the book. Over-achieving Dad made his hat from birthday-themed wrapping paper and decorated the edge with rub-ons, with help from Ryan.

Easy Paper Hats

Sand paper can simulate wear. If you are using acrylic paint, you will probably need two layers. The gray areas in the above image are your folding tabs:. How to Make Newspaper Hats ~ Learn how to make the old-fashioned newspaper hat.

A cheap project using recycled newspaper. A cheap project using recycled newspaper. Kids can decorate them with stickers and colored paper. For some reason children just love paper sailor hats!

Origami Hat

Grown-ups looking after kids love them too, because they're a cheap and easy way to occupy a young mind. Making a paper sailor hat is an arts and crafts activity that involves following directions.

And when you're done you have a. Instructions: Fold the paper (or the 1/2 sheet of newspaper) in half; Fold down each side to make triangles; Fold one bottom flaps up. Flip the hat. So everyone you know is wearing some kind of cool hat and you want one for yourself.

I'm going to show you how to make an origami hat that's cooler than anyone else's. This “cocked hat” (aka “three cornered”, tricorn, tricorne, or colonial hat) is a fun project that you can make right now, requiring about a half hour of your time and a few supplies readily at your fingertips (scissors, glue, and paper).

Feb 22,  · How to Make a Paper Hat. Hats are a great way to add character and fun to a party, play, or dress-up game. Instead of buying hats from the store, however, consider making your own.

It is a simple, fun project suitable for all ages. Once.

How to Make a Felt Baby Cowgirl (or Cowboy) Hat Make a paper hat
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How to make a Paper Hat: Origami Hat Instructions