How do i make my paper look old

Put lemon juice around the outside. Use the tea bag and the tea to stain. Pour coffee on top be sure you don't leave any white spots and put in oven.

How To Age Paper

With the image flattened, save the file to your computer by going up to the File menu and choosing Save As.

Rebecca Booth Make 1 pot of dark coffee with no sugar or milk. I'll be using Photoshop CS5 here but any recent version of Photoshop will work. When coupled with acid degradation, old paper and old iron ink results in red-brown fuzzy letters on pinkish brown paper.

There are several ways to make paper look old, here are just a few. David McNeill Spread milk all over the paper and put it in the oven at degrees for a half a hour to a hour. The paper will soon start getting a brownish, old look.

A paper with an old look can be used in a variety of ways such as to make greeting cards or for scrapbooking. My kids love this part.

Get the amount of sauce you need to do a A4 size piece of paper test the soy sauce on a spare or scrap piece first to determine what shade you want. Now, take the tea bag and smear the paper with it. Combine it with 5 or more teabags and then leave the coffee to settle for about 2 hours to 2 hours and a half.

This is actually rather rare for historic documents other than identity papers. This is a collection of synonyms on a grand scale. Drag the sliders for both the Spray Radius and Smoothness options all the way to the right so they're both maxed out: These simple steps will show you how to get the best results.

Distress Distress is the term for things that happen other than the chemical changes of age. Also brown and char edges with matches, and then wrinkle paper by carefully scrunching it into a ball. Pour the liquid into the pan. By default, it's nested behind the Dodge Tool, so click on the Dodge Tool's icon and hold your mouse button down for a second or two until a fly-out menu appears showing the other tools available in that spot, then select the Burn Tool from the list: These simple steps will show you how to get the best results.

Change the Use option to Color. This softens the edge. The edges after darkening them with the Burn Tool set to different sizes.

Becca Get a flannel and put some water and some coffee into it. Please Log In or add your name and email to post the comment. Mar 13,  · How do i make paper look old and weathered? Im making a journal for my english class and its suppose to look like it was written back to the battle of troy(if anybody is familiar with that) anyway and of course that Status: Resolved.

Feb 28,  · I am typing a book and I dont have the funds to buy old fashioned stationary to print it on so I was wondering if there was a way to make the computer page look old fashioned like a scroll, sort of that yellowish style paper if that helps describe Resolved.

Photoshop Old Paper Background Texture SHARES. Here's what our old paper texture will look like when we're done: Give the file a descriptive name like "Old Paper" and make sure you set the Format to Photoshop so you're saving a Photoshop document.

How to Make a Paper Look Like a Newspaper in Microsoft Office 2010

This will keep the texture's image quality intact for later use. Making paper look old using tea or coffee stains is a great way to make antique parchment manuscripts for your homeschooling crafts. The aged paper can be used for all sorts of things - from lapbooks to making books with children.

Nov 08,  · Best Answer: An easy way to make it look yellowish and old is to make tea, and then just rub the tea bag over the paper. Coffee will work too. Also, you could burn the edges (or one edge) to make the paper look like it is crumbling with age. Finally, Status: Resolved. I saw Martha "antique" paper a few years ago, and although I don’t remember her technique, I do remember that it was complicated.

I played around with the general idea, though, and came up with an easy way to get the same aged look.

How do i make my paper look old
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